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Man/Bird Votive Figure With An Intaglio - D.0135
Origin: Lake Van, Anatolia
Circa: 4000 BC to 3000 BC

Collection: Near Eastern
Style: Neolithic
Medium: Dickite

Location: United States
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A mysterious token from the dawn of Western civilization, this stone votive was offered thousands of years ago at the shrine of a powerful god. Along with a cache of similar objects, it was discovered along the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. The deity whose favor it sought was apparently a nature god, associated also with fertility and rebirth. This superb statue which resembles a rooster in profile, depicts the head of a votary which springs from the back of the bird. His head, when seen in profile, becomes the body of a bird. In this ancient cult, the bird seems associated with the idea of the soul, perhaps a transformation in the afterlife. The image engraved on the bottom of the votive depicts a waterfowl. Pressed into soft wax or clay, it would have produced multiple images to please the heavens. The effect of this rare sculpture is powerful and haunting. It touches a chord deep in the soul, something ancient but not completely forgotten. - (D.0135)


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