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Roman Glass Flask - GF.0011
Origin: Israel (Bethlehem)
Circa: 200 AD to 400 AD
Dimensions: 29" (73.7cm) high
Catalogue: V1
Collection: Classical Antiquities
Medium: Glass

Location: UAE
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Glass has been a prized material for centuries. Although it is not known for certain when man first started making glass, it probably was first produced in Western Asia about 4000 years ago. A 17th century B.C. site on the Tigris River in ancient Mesopotamia gives us our first written information about glass making techniques. It was there that a tablet was discovered which contained a recipe for a glass glaze. Although the oldest complete glass vessels are found in ancient Egypt, it was the Romans who discovered that glass, when hot, could be blown like a soap bubble on the end of a hollow, metal blowing rod. Thus, the manufacture of glass was instantly revolutionized. For the first time glassmakers could use the unique malleable quality of glass. Soon the material began to be treasured in its own right, rather than as an imitation of other precious substances. This greenish-blue glass flask is a beautiful example of the Roman artists' ability to manipulate this complex medium. Its tall, stately body has a slim, cylindrical neck and wide folded rim, nicely proportioned to complement the rectangular lines of the body. A graceful strap handle is attached to the flask from the neck to the shoulder, adding an element of elegance to this timeless work of art. How fortunate we are that this radiant masterpiece has survived over the centuries, its lustrous beauty stimulating our senses and enhancing our appreciation for the innovative efforts of the ancient Roman craftsman who created it. - (GF.0011)


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