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Borobudur Stone Head of the Buddha - PF.6119
Origin: Java, Indonesia
Circa: 800 AD to 900 AD
Dimensions: 16.75" (42.5cm) high
Collection: Asian
Medium: Stone

Additional Information: Sold

Location: United States
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Situated in a secluded valley in Central Java, the great site of Borobudur is one of the largest and most magnificent Buddhist monuments in the world. Construction was likely completed in 824, during the reign of King Samaratunga. The architecture of the site is symbolic of Buddhist cosmology and reflected their understanding of the universe and the philosophy of enlightenment. The site is essentially a giant stupa decorated with over a thousand sculptures depicting the life story of the Buddha. A monument glorifying the wisdom of the Buddha, Borobudur was once a pilgrimage center and now remains a popular tourist spot, listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its immense cultural and historical significance.

This sculpture of the head of the Buddha is a wonderful example of the Classical style of Borobudur, whose sculptures are considered to rank among the most beautiful works of Buddhist art. Tight curls of hair cover his head and ushnisha, the symbol of his infinite wisdom. His elongated earlobes droop down, the sagging caused by wearing heavy earrings as an infant, reflecting his royal origins. The urna, or “third eye,” is represented by a small bump in between his eyebrows, is also symbolic of his nobility and enlightenment. The mystical energy and divine wisdom of the Buddha radiates from within this sculpture. This bust was once part of a larger, full-figured sculpture depicting scenes from the life of the Buddha, welcoming pilgrims to one of the most spectacular religious monuments in the world. The spiritual energy of Borobudur continues to attract tourist; this same energy flows outwards from this work of art and mesmerizes all who gaze upon it. The contemplative wisdom of the Buddha shines through the hard stone and warms our spirits.
- (PF.6119)


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