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Two Silver Coins of Emperor Septimius Severus - FJ.6310
Circa: 193 AD to 211 AD

Collection: Roman
Medium: Silver-Gold

Location: United States
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These Ancient Coins Have Been Set in a Pair of Modern 18 Karat Gold Cufflinks

The Coins Have Been Mounted with the Reverse Image of the Goddess Victoria Showing

Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus was born April 11, 145 A.D. in Leptis Magna, a Carthaginian city located in North Africa. Severus came from a distinguished local family; his cousins received suffect consulships in Rome under Antoninus Pius. Severus restored stability to the Roman Empire after the tumultuous reign of the emperor Commodus and the outbreaks of civil war that erupted in the wake of Commodus' murder. However, by giving greater pay and benefits to soldiers and annexing the troublesome lands of northern Mesopotamia into the Roman empire, Septimius Severus brought increasing financial and military burdens to Rome's government. Although his prudent administration allowed these burdens to be met during his eighteen years on the throne, his reign was not entirely sunny. Overall, his reign marks a critical stage in the development of the absolute despotism that characterized the later Roman Empire.

These cufflinks are truly one of a kind. Struck by hand, each coin has a slightly different shape and must be individually mounted. The lustrous gold setting is a perfect complement to the natural elegance of the silver coins. These cufflinks are the perfect finishing touch to the finest suit. Besides their graceful style, these cufflinks are a symbol of the prudent leadership, glorious wealth and dominant power of the Roman Empire. May the triumphant Goddess Victoria bestow the wearer with the laurel wreath of victory.
- (FJ.6310)


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