Silver Tetradrachm of Alexander the Great - FJ.6109
Origin: Israel
Circa: 336 BC to 323 BC

Collection: Greek Coin Rings
Medium: Silver-Gold


This silver coin is mounted in an 18 karat gold ring

Few individuals in history have been the subject of such enduring fascination as Alexander the Great. The son of Philip II (king of Macedonia) and Olympias, he was brought up in an enlightened court, and as crown prince, educated by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Early in 334 he led an army of nearly 50,000 men across the Hellespont against the Persians. With the aid of remarkable generals and loyal troops he achieved one astonishing success after another, finally conquering the great Persian empire and becoming the virtual master of the western world. This powerful tetradrachm shows the head of a young Herakles (with whom Alexander identified), c1ad in a lion's skin. On the reverse is the seated Zeus holding an eagle and scepter. The name of the king AËÎÁÍÄÑÏÕ (Alexander) is at right. The posture of Zeus, with his right leg drawn back suggests this coin was minted after Alexander's death. The person who chooses this ring must certainly possess the same qualities as the person for whom it honors-- an indomitable will, bold character, and an unconquered spirit. - (FJ.6109)



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