Gold Pendant with Silver Denarius of Emperor Severus Alexander - FJ.7057
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 222 AD to 235 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Roman Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver and Gold


Even though he was only a fourteen year old boy when he was elevated to the throne, the Senate voted him the title PATER PATRIAE, Latin for "Father of his Country" because they were so relieved to be free of the wanton depravity of his predecessor Elagabalus. Severus Alexander was a peaceful and religious man. He set up a shrine containing statues of his favorite gods and even included one of Jesus Christ. He removed some of the harsh laws discriminating against Christians, and even thought about setting up a temple for Christian worship. The women of the Severan dynasty had always wielded a great deal of power and Alexander's mother, Julia Mamaea, tightly controlled who could see her son. She urged him to govern well and give all his attention to laws and administration. Partly because he was under the control of his mother for so long, he was never popular with the legions. In A.D. 235, a popular army officer, Maximinus the Thracian, led a revolt that ended the reign and the life of Severus Alexander. With a group of army officers, he entered Alexander's tent and murdered him. His mother, Julia Mamaea, was also killed in the coup d’etat.

The splendor of the precious metals is allowed to shine in this pendant. The natural hues of the silver and gold complement each other. In this pendant, the present and the past combine. The classical form of the modern pendant enhances the timeless beauty and majesty of the ancient coin. To wear this pendant is to reconnect with the past while continuing to look stylish in the present. - (FJ.7057)



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