Red Jasper Intaglio Depicting a Bust of a Roman - FJ.5935
Origin: Europe
Circa: 1700 AD to 1900 AD
Collection: Seal Ring/ Intaglio
Medium: Jasper/Gold
Additional Information: This Intaglio is set in an 18 karat gold ring.


In imperial Rome, members of the royal court and nobility often wore portraits of the emperor engraved on gems. Such tokens identified the political allegiance of the wearer and were sometimes given by the ruler himself as marks of special favor. This lovely intaglio shows the handsome profile of a young man wearing an elaborate crown and toga, with a spear or arrow shooting out over his left shoulder. The very fine engraving depicts the facial features in detail, revealing an expression that is confident and proud, with just a hint of a smile. Jasper was popular in Biblical times for use as seals and signets. It was said to possess many strange properties-- as a prevention against sorrow, protection from drowning, as a remedy for snake bites, and signified a state of 'satisfaction'. Whoever wears this delicate ring can certainly feel satisfied in the selection of something very unique and discreetly powerful. - (FJ.5935)



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