Pyu Culture Agate Intaglio Depicting A Brahma Bull - FJ.4035
Medium: Agate-Gold


Since ancient times, Burma has been the gateway to Southeast Asia. Bordering china on one side and India on the other, Burma has always assimilated diverse cultural influences. For almost seven centuries, the Pyu people controlled the trade routes between India and china from their capital at Sri Kestra. Along these roads passed not just silk, spices, and precious gems but also artistic and philosophical ideas. This remarkable intaglio dates to the height of Pyu culture. Carved with an elegant appreciation for nature, its artistic pedigree may stretch westward to Persia or even to Rome. The image of a Brahma bull that adorns this seal suggests an Indian influence. Possibly it represents the Hindu god Nandi, or it may symbolize strength and power. As we slip such a gem onto our finger today, we cannot help but wonder whose hand it adorned centuries ago. - (FJ.4035)



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