Gold Pendant with Silver Denarius of Emperor Postumus - FJ.6126
Origin: Israel
Circa: 259 AD to 268 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Roman Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver and Gold

Additional Information: This Genuine Ancient Coin Has Been Set in a Modern 18 karat Gold Pendant Highlighted with 31 Diamonds


Though he came from humble origins Postumus was a soldier of remarkable ability, having been appointed commander of the Rhine legions by the emperor Valerian. He is distinguished for having ruled Gaul, Spain and Britain firmly and wisely for a decade. His military prowess kept the western empire safe, repelling repeated attacks of the German tribes on the Rhine. This fascinating denarius shows the emperor wearing a radiating crown with the legend IMP. C. POSTVMVS P.F. AVG. On the reverse is the deity Moneta, standing left holding a cornucopia. Moneta was the title under which Juno was worshipped on the north peak of the Capitoline Hill in Rome. According to legend, during the war against Pyrrhus the Romans were afraid they would run out of money. They asked Juno's advice and she replied that they would never be short of money if their wars were fought according to the principles of justice. In gratitude for this advice it was decided that the minting of coins would be placed under the auspices of the goddess. The elegance of this coin matches the radiant beauty of the pendant, both ideal for someone who possesses the c1assic style of the past. - (FJ.6126)



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