Gold Ring with a Roman Banded Agate Intaglio Perseus - FJ.2679
Origin: Near Beirut
Circa: 1 st Century AD to 3 rd Century AD

Collection: Roman
Medium: Agate


This engraved gem is a metaphor for triumph in life: the mythical hero Perseus slew the Gorgon Medusa and used her frightening head to turn his enemies to stone. He rescued the Princess Andromeda from a sea monster, married her, and became king. The person who first wore this engraved gem in a ring was witness to the Golden Age of Rome. The pagan subject matter gives only a small hint about that ancient life, while the rest is left to the imagination. Did it belong to an official in the Imperial court? A priestess at the temple of the God? Someone who had actually visited the great cities of Rome and Alexandria and seen their ancient wonders? To wear this lovely gem today is to link us directly with that vanished person who cherished it so long ago and to write our own chapter in its history. - (FJ.2679)



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