Greco-Roman Bronze Sculpture of a Horse - FZ.364
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 200 BC to 200 AD
Dimensions: 2.375" (6.0cm) high
Collection: Classical
Style: Greco-Roman
Medium: Bronze


What a gallant creature. Slowly striding, confident and calm. This tamed horse is clearly a prized possession, not some wild beast galloping through the woods. A small, tiered crown has been prominently placed on top of the horsed head. The animal has been further adorned with a necklace of sorts. This decoration does not appear to be reigns or a bridal since there is nothing to secure it in place or for a rider to hold onto. If this horse was valued enough to have a sculpted effigy cast, it is not unlikely that extravagant luxuries would be festooned upon it. One thinks of dogs with diamond collars and designer sweaters. This horse is a beloved companion not a beast of burden. Just the attention to the musculature and form of the body reveal the care the craftsman took. Could this possibly be a representation of Alexander the Great’s famous steed Bucephalas, the wild horse that only he could ride? Animals will always be close companions to humans, and as we spoil ourselves with lavish luxuries, so do we our pets. Perhaps this bronze horse is just such an example. - (FZ.364)



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