Elamite Lotus-Shaped Silver Vessel - PF.5515
Origin: Persia
Circa: 900 BC to 800 BC
Dimensions: 3.75" (9.5cm) high x 4.25" (10.8cm) wide
Catalogue: V30
Collection: Near Eastern
Style: Elamite
Medium: Silver


Elam was an ancient kingdom of Asia, situated north of the Persian Gulf and east of the Tigris River, and corresponding approximately to the present-day province of Khuzistan in Iran. The capital of Elam and its most fabled city was Sûsa, today the city of Shûsh. This powerful empire has been overshadowed in history by the rival kingdoms of Babylon and Assyria. However, their extraordinary metalwork survives to this day, a testament to the expertise of their craftsman. This silver vessel is such an example. Forged in the image of a blossoming lotus flower, this container would be a prized possession in any era. The rim has been gilded in gold, increasing the value of this vessel even more. Clearly this was no everyday object, but the treasures of a king or high-ranking official. The craftsmanship is immaculate. The abstracted forms of the lotus merge in complete harmony with the forms of the vessel, combining to create a rare work whose beauty outweighs its function. - (PF.5515)



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