Apulian Red-Figure Hydria - PF.0020
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 400 BC to 300 BC
Dimensions: 10.875" (27.6cm) high
Catalogue: V1
Collection: Classical
Style: Apulian
Medium: Terracotta



A symphony of graceful, flowing movement, this running woman is perhaps a Maenad ("the possessed"), one of the female followers of Dionysus. Looking at this exquisite vessel, we imagine some flesh-and-blood woman long ago whirling to the beat of her tambourine and seized with the ecstasy of the god. In the presence of this lovely work of art we are transported through time to a vanished world full of color, sound and motion. If we close our eyes, the dancer comes alive and whirls round and round in the grip of Dionysiac pleasure. - (PF.0020)



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