A Roman Marble Head of a Geta as a Boy - DC.157
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 80 BC to 10 AD
Dimensions: 7.75" (19.7cm) high
Collection: Roman
Medium: Marble
Condition: Fine


Depicting a very young boy with full cheeks and a pointed chin, a small fleshy mouth and a strait nose, his lidded eyes unarticulated, his hair combed forward, the individual strands delineated, breaking to the right and left at the center of his forehead, curling around his small ears and at the nape of his neck, the neck cut and splayed at the base for insertion. Locked in these thick cheeks, inquisitive eyes, and arrogant pout is very likely the youngest portrayal of Emperor Publius Septimus Geta ever discovered. Geta, despite being a thorough administrator and skilled military tactician was murdered by his throne-sharing brother, Caracalla. All inscriptions with his name were ordered defaced, but the coins minted during his reign as the Augustus of Briton have remained intact to give us an impression of his face. A sculpture of such caliber could only come out of an imperial workshop, and a face such as this could belong to none other than the doomed son of Septimus Severus. His shapely round face is the pinnacle of refinement and imperial presence. Even in his early youth, this emperor to be exuded gravity and intelligence far beyond his years. It is impossible not to be moved when offered such an intimate look into the childhood of a man who lived to call himself master of the world. We find in this sculpture much more than simply a beautiful and arresting child- we find the rudiments of one whose name is destined to exist forever. This bust is alive with far more intensity and tension than any piece portraying an immortal figure of history. The importance of Geta to subsequent world events makes this piece a truly remarkable sculpture and a world-class piece of art. - (DC.157)



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