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   Emperor Caligula
   Emperor Caracalla
   Emperor Carinus
   Emperor Carus
   Emperor Claudius
   Emperor Claudius Gothicus
   Emperor Commodus
   Emperor Constans
   Emperor Constantine I the Great
   Emperor Constantine II
   Emperor Constantius I Chlorus
   Emperor Constantius II
   Emperor Diocletian
   Emperor Domitian
   Emperor Elagabalus
   Emperor Galba
   Emperor Galerius
   Emperor Gallienus
   Emperor Geta
   Emperor Gordian III
   Emperor Gratian
   Emperor Hadrian
   Emperor Herennius Etruscus
   Emperor Honorius
   Emperor Jovian
   Emperor Julian the Apostate
   Emperor Licinius
   Emperor Lucius Verus
   Emperor Magnentius
   Emperor Marcus Aurelius
   Emperor Maxentius
   Emperor Maximianus
   Emperor Maximinus I
   Emperor Maximinus II Daia
   Emperor Nerva
   Emperor Numerian
   Emperor Philip I the Arab
   Emperor Philip II
   Emperor Probus
   Emperor Saloninus
   Emperor Septimius Severus
   Emperor Severus Alexander
   Emperor Tacitus
   Emperor Theodosius I
   Emperor Theodosius II
   Emperor Tiberius
   Emperor Titus
   Emperor Trajan
   Emperor Trajan Decius
   Emperor Trebonianus Gallus
   Emperor Valens
   Emperor Valentinian I


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